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Real Estate: Your Smartest Investment

According to Forbes, Florida is still one of the top destinations in the US that people are migrating towards when looking to invest in real estate.

This is hardly a surprising fact. Despite the drop many experienced back in 2008, real estate in Florida has managed to maintain its status of being one of the most reliable locations in which to invest in real estate.

Over the past four years, we’ve seen a significant increase in both families and individual investors looking to purchase residential or vacation property in the Sunshine State.

In fact, MarketWatch suggests that this is the best time in history to invest in real estate! And here’s why.

Real estate market is stable like never before

With so many people taking advantage of this growth trend, some speculate that “housing bubble” situation could occur. Just like the one we experienced in 2008. Once again, critics have asserted that house-flippers are trying to take advantage of the whole situation, damaging genuine investors and families in the process.

Naturally, when we started witnessing growth in demand and prices, we all thought – could this be the same thing that happened a decade ago? Could this be a yet another bubble waiting to burst?

Real Estate organizations are monitoring all the factors that lead to the previous drop in prices- including real price appreciation, mortgage transactions, etc.- and they are confident that the US is looking at stable, controlled, and genuine growth.

In fact, we are seeing that our economic environment is much healthier, and people are no longer buying homes at low prices, expecting to cash in big and fast. On the contrary, individuals and families are now buying in hopes to gain a long-term profit. Additionally, innovative payment plans are lowering the barriers for entry and providing incentives for first-time home buyers.

One certain indicator which confirms this is the fact that even foreclosures are at the lowest rate ever, and almost equal to the numbers we witnessed in the year 2000. Foreclosures are down by 25% when compared to the previous year.

All good signs that our economy is doing much better, and with our eyes on the prize – we recommend that our clients invest in real estate- and the sooner the better!

Why Invest in Real Estate

Lending a house and enabling your investment to show return on its own in this way is standard practice in real estate. While prices of some homes can fluctuate regularly, rental prices remain quite stable in their upward trend in pricing. This means that you don’t have to just rely on the rent to cover the costs of mortgage and expenses, but you could also make profit out of renting your home until it’s fully paid for.

Investors love putting their money in real estate, simply because owning a property offers something that no stock market can offer – actual safety and leverage. Not to mention that when you are buying stocks you have to pay the full price, while when investing in real estate requires a standard 25% down. Which is a much more favorable option.

At the very end, real estate is an investment that will outlast any other. In fact, 90% of all millionaires became millionaires through owning a piece of property. And you know what they say about the land –

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore – Mark Twain.

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