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6 Ways You Know You’re Having Thanksgiving in Florida

Thanksgiving time is here!

It’s a time when leaves change and perhaps even a few flurries of snow fall. It’s a time when families gather around a warm hearth together. It’s a time to drink hot cider and wear wool sweaters…Right?

Wrong! That’s not the case here in sunny Florida. Thanksgiving here looks a little bit different from the rest of the country. Even in November, we’re still soaking up sun rays and hanging by the pool. The fall season literally doesn’t exist here.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate Turkey Day! Infact Floridians have their own unique ways of celebrating Thanksgiving that makes it extra special in its own way.

We may have palm trees instead of falling leaves, iced tea instead of hot tea, and swimming weather instead of sweater weather, but down here in the South we know how to do Thanksgiving right!

6 Ways You Know You’re Having a Florida Thanksgiving


  • Deep Fry That Turkey


Since the weather in Florida is still warm come November, no one wants to cook a turkey in the oven, spending hours in a sweltering kitchen. Deep frying that bird in the backyard is a much cooler and tasty solution. Nothing beats a warm Florida Thanksgiving under the blue sky, tossing the pigskin and hanging out around a propane burner as the turkey fries. It may not sound like the classiest affair, but it’s a great way to bond with loved ones and it’s absolutely delicious!  


  • Shoot Your Own Bird


Turkey hunting season in Florida is a Springtime tradition, so it’s highly unlikely you will shoot one in November. But just because some people call it “Turkey Day”, doesn’t mean you have to eat turkey at the feast. November in Florida is the perfect hunting time for ducks, coots, and light geese. You know it’s a Florida Thanksgiving when you’re feasting on fresh fowl straight from nature.


  • Sip Cold Drinks

Typical Thanksgiving beverages consist of a nice red wine, hot apple cider, or perhaps even egg nog. But in Florida, on Thanksgiving, you sip cool drinks next to an ocean breeze, probably out of a mason jar. Coconut water, sangria, and margaritas are far superior drink options for a warm November afternoon on the coast.


  • Feast Al Fresco


And you can bet you’ll be sipping those delicious tropical drinks outside in Florida! The classic American Thanksgiving tableau often depicts a family seated in a formal dining room, with winter weather peaking through the curtains, and a fire roaring in the background. In Florida, Thanksgiving dinner most likely takes place outside. The warmer weather allows you to be less formal and enjoy the fresh air, rather than being stuffed in one room for hours with all your family and close relations. An Al Fresco Florida Thanksgiving dinner is the way to go!    


  • Hit the Beach Post-Feast


After a huge Florida Thanksgiving feast, soak up some rays on the beach and let the food coma take over. Just remember to wear sunscreen. And, once you’re all rested and ready for more food, a dessert of pumpkin pie and s’mores around a beach bonfire is the perfect endcap to a totally Florida Thanksgiving! Skip the mess and stress of a big Thanksgiving feast and order in! This leaves more time to be spent with your toes buried in the sugar-white sand!



  • Be Extra Thankful!


Here in Florida we have so much to be Thankful for, including beautiful beaches, warm weather, and friendly faces. Even when things get hard, the people of Florida never lose their positive spirit. Thanksgiving marks the end of hurricane season, and this one was a doozy. Though devastation rocked our shores, much still stands, towns still thrive, and Florida has never been stronger. The most Florida way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by being extra thankful for all that we have, and for those who came to our aid when in need.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Beach Group Properties!

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