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6 Tips to Staging Your Home for Sale!

It is proven that home staging and beautiful professional home photography garners more attention from online buyers, than homes that are not.

“You have one chance to make a first impression, make it a great one!”

Now that we are in our Fall and Winter seasons, with stunning depths of tree colors and leaves blanketing the ground, it is important to keep up with home maintenance and seasonal staging.

How do you make your home stand out from others online? Simple, stage it appropriately and show it off at it’s best condition to make the very best online debut. Here are 6 great Fall home staging tips to prepare your home for professional home photography and the market:

1. Let the light shine:

It is that time of year when we Fall behind by setting our clocks back for daylight savings time. With less sunlight shining in, it is important to make sure all interior light bulbs and lights are in working condition and bright. Don’t forget the exterior lighting, as well. Make sure that when you have an evening showing, to leave the exterior lights on. Two reasons, first impressions are key and for safety.

2. The leaves are gorgeous, rake them up:

Pick up yard waste such as brush and leaves to enhance the exterior of your home. Aside from being messy, the leaves will eventually turn brown and rot into your lawn, potentially causing harm to your lawn.

3. Scents:

When the weather is cold outside, windows and doors are closed. This can make the air close with little circulation. Home odors tend to present themselves more in an airtight home. While you may not smell them, someone visiting your home probably will. If you have pets make sure you are cleaning your carpeting regularly to eliminate odor and hair. The key is to eliminate the source of odor not cover it up. A way to bring some pleasing and fun seasonal scents into your home is to briefly melt a candle tart in a warmer a few hours before a buyers showing. This will help provide a comfortable scent while not too overpowering. As much as you do not want to overwhelm a buyer with oppressive odors, you don’t want to overdue it with pleasant scents, either.

4. Decorations:

It is fun to decorate for the holidays, when a professional photographer comes to your home to take photos, it is best to take seasonal decorations down or keep them at a minimum. With market time being an uncertain factor in the home sale, you don’t want to date the photos decor from past holidays. For example: Pumpkins are cute to decorate with, however, if your home is on the market past New Years Eve, it would make your home stand out as having significant market time.

5. Highlight the Fireplace:

Fall and Winter are the perfect times to highlight your fireplace. It can evoke feelings of comfort and warmth from buyers. Although it is not a good idea to turn on a gas fireplace and leave it unattended, make it stand out with decor. A few pine cones and pine spikes in a clear dish or vase can add a touch of pizzazz. Open houses might be a perfect time to have a crackling fire, when a real estate professional is present to monitor the fire.

6. Ambiance:

Bring some outdoor colors inside during the Fall and Winter. Consider placing favorite seasonally scented candels around. Lighting is key to highlighting the clutter free features of your home.

Nov. 28, 2016 |

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